Kaishan Compressor?is one of the premier suppliers of stationary electric rotary screw air compressors for sale. While various types of air compressors fit different environments and specific uses, rotary screw compressors have many advantages, whether you’re looking for low operating costs or premium electric control systems.


In a rotary screw air compressor, air from the inlet is passed along twin helical screws — also known as rotors — that pressurize the air and pass it along to be purified and ultimately used to power a range of end-point applications.

In large-scale industrial applications, these compressors are favored over reciprocating models because the former are more efficient and capable of running non-stop. Rotary compressors are generally quieter and generate lower temperatures compared to other types of air compressors. Best of all, rotary screw compressors offer a continuous supply of air power for a vast range of vital uses.


There are two models of rotary air compressors on the market today: oil-injected and oil-free.

  • Oil-injected rotary air compressors?use oil on chamber cylinder walls and bearings to keep machine parts lubricated and running smoothly. This is known as an “oil bath” or “oil flooded” lubrication maintenance. This type of compressor will require more routine maintenance but will run more efficiently in the long run. At Kaishan Compressor, we currently focus on selling only oil-injected rotary screw air compressors due to their high efficiency and long run time.
  • Oil-free rotary air compressors, on the other hand, do not flood their compression chambers with oil. Bearings and other machine parts come with lubrication treatments and anti-corrosive materials. Though this type tends to be more expensive and prone to noise than its oil-injected counterparts, there’s no need to worry about oil contamination.

Kaishan offer multiple models of rotary screw compressors:

  • KRSB– Belt drive compressor ranging from 5 HP to 50 HP.
  • KRST– Tank-mount belt drive compressor ranging from 5 HP to 30 HP.
  • KRSD– Single-stage direct drive compressor ranging from 15 HP to 200 HP.
  • KRSP– Premium direct drive compressor ranging from 40 HP to 500 HP.
  • KRSP2– Two-stage air compressor ranging from 100 HP to 500 HP.



science behind rotary screw air compressors

Rotary screw air compressors take the science of potential energy and convert it into measurable, mechanical output. At their most basic,?these compressors function through the following steps:

  1. An opening valve suctions external gas inside the twin compressor chambers. Inside these chambers are two screw rollers that, when the machine is on, rotate at high speeds to compress air between them.
  2. As the rollers spin, they trap and isolate air between roller divots and move it down the chamber.
  3. The chamber gets smaller and smaller farther away from the opening valve. As such, the amount of room the trapped gas can fill begins to decrease, yet the amount of gas stays the same. At a constant temperature,?volume and pressure are inversely related, so as the volume decreases, the pressure increases.
  4. Pressurization builds as air is condensed.
  5. The building up of air causes the compressor’s discharge valve to open, which moves the now-pressurized air into a holding tank or out for its mechanical application.
  6. You now have the desired compressed air.
  7. Electric operating systems called control schemes manage the outputs of these compressors. They can be programmed and tailored to slow down or speed up rotation speeds, delivering the amount of compressed air as needed.
  8. Control schemes will come in a few different modulations and adjustments, all of which will affect the compressor’s final operating capacities.

Note that — like their cousins, the reciprocating air compressor — rotary screw units can contain multiple “stages.” These stages tell you how many times trapped air is funneled through circulating chambers before reaching a holding tank,?each time becoming denser and denser.?Overall,?multi-stage rotary compressors?produce a higher pound-per-square inch (psi)?final air stream at a more efficient rate.


This type of compressor is popular in factories, plants, or any manufacturing facility due to the cycle on which it runs. Whereas other types of air compressors can only work for on/off cycles, the rotary screw run non-stop around the clock. These compressors actually work best when you leave them on 24/7. With a 100% duty cycle, rotary screw air compressors should not be shut off and started back up on a recurrent basis.

As long as a rotary screw compressor is sized correctly, its efficiency is superior to most other air compressors. While this does depend on the design of a particular brand of the compressor, the best models on the market help factories maximize efficiency across the chain of production.


Low Operating Costs. With the ability to adjust air output ranging from zero to 100 percent, Kaishan’s compressors run most efficiently to ensure keeping costs down. Our compressors offer exceptional energy-saving performance because when the air consumption decreases, the machine’s air output and motor electric current declines as well. If the compressor is not consuming air after an extended period, it will idle and shut off, which will save energy and reduce operating costs. However, when the air consumption increases, the compressor will automatically start.

Environmental adaptability. Not only do our electric screw air compressors withstand high temperatures and humid working environments, but Kaishan’s stationary electric screw compressor has excellent vibration isolation. Our systems have noise reduction technology, and you don’t need a special base for installation. A small area is sufficient for proper air circulation and machine maintenance.

Electric control system. The stationary’s electric control system has protection functions and powerful fault diagnosis. Controlled by intelligent components, the compressor can function 24/7 without human monitoring. When it detects a fault, actionable steps are taken immediately.

Energy-saving method. Our energy-saving method makes the air equal to the air consumption and controls the flow by altering the motor’s rotating speed, so air output can change according to air consumption.

Safety and stability.?Rotary screw air compressors power many machines and systems that operate under extreme conditions or temperatures, or that pose too many risks with standard electrical power sourcing. While other systems can experience frequent electrical overloading and temperature-related malfunctions — even fires and explosions — air compressors hold up well in such conditions, from furnace-like heat to extreme cold.

Efficiency.?The highly steady and easily adjustable nature of rotary air compressors makes them one of the most efficient and versatile power sources on the market. Typical applications run on automated modes, making your productions systems as smooth and seamless as possible.

Cost-effectiveness.?While certain large-scale, multi-cylindered compressors may have higher up-front building and installation costs, you save time and energy in the long run. Overall production costs decrease in most manufacturing and industrial applications when utilizing cutting-edge, well-maintained rotary screw air compressor machines.

Storage.?Accessing and utilizing consistent stored energy is a problem across industries. The ease at which pressurized air can be stored means you have a constant source upon which to rely. In cases of volatile or fluctuating usage, these storage reserves offer an easy and efficient in-house solution.


Many industries use rotary screw air compressors to manufacture the products you see every day in supermarkets, in your living room, on the newsstands and along roads and highways:

  1. Auto Assembly
  2. Bottling, Canning and Packaging
  3. Toy Manufacturing
  4. Appliance Assembly
  5. Computers and Electronics
  6. Printing

If you drink bottled beverages, drive a car, read magazines and own appliances, chances are your house is full of products that were assembled with pneumatic tools powered by these compressors!


With more than 60 years of experience, we are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of rotary screw compressors.?Contact?Kaishan Compressor to learn more about our products and get a quote today!


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